How To Get Cheap Villa In Bali

Many people want to take a vacation to the island of Bali, especially during holidays. When we are planning to come to this place, of course, we have to think in advance where we will stay. Some people might choose to stay at a hotel, and others will choose to stay in a villa. Both have their respective advantages from different viewpoints.

You might think that stay at a hotel will be more efficient than stay at the villa. But in fact, stay in a villa will provide a holiday atmosphere that you can not get when to stay at a hotel. Some people think that staying at a villa would be more expensive than staying at a hotel. In fact, this is not entirely true. In Bali, there are many villas that you can occupy with a fairly affordable cost. Although it has affordable prices, many villas still provide excellent facilities. For that, here are some tips for you to get a cheap villa in Bali.

First, you should notice is not to take a vacation to Bali during holidays (I mean Indonesian’s holidays). This is because, when Indonesia was entering its holidays, many local tourists will come to Bali to take a vacation. This will cause Bali become a bustling tourism destination and caused the price of lodging to be expensive. The managers of hotels, villas, and other lodging places will raise prices up to two-fold. So you should avoid Indonesian holidays, usually at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. The second suggestion is to you get a lodging reservation in the form of a group like with family, friends, etc. It will make the price of lodging becomes relatively cheaper. The next suggestion is that you book a villa which was at the time of promotion. While it is in the promotion period, the villa owner will usually give discounts ranging from 30 to 50 percent. You can find information about villas that was giving discounts on the website of the agent that specifically offer services to booking a villa. The last suggestion is to book a villa you should use agents. With the use of agents and in addition you make reservations in advance, usually, you will get a villa with a relatively cheap price compared if you book directly to the owner of the villa. In addition, using the services of an agent will prevent you from fraud. One of the agent that being recommended is