What to do if pulled over for DUI in Arizona: DUI Attorneys

do if you’re pulled over for a DUI and I posted some other videos that talk about this the subject but I i’ve spoken with some clients lately and they still seem to be a little bit confused about what i think is the most important aspect too many DUI stop see driving down the road and a police officer gets behind you

the minute to that vehicles behind you the officers mind you you if it’s late at night are probably already being investigated for dure to the way in which you drive how quickly you pull over where you park in how you park is incredibly incredibly important and something you need to bear in mind so if you have had a couple drinks the law in Arizona says you can be convicted

of a DUI you are impaired the slightest degree so even if you’re below the legal limit does not guarantee the you’re going to avoid being arrested and charged with DUI two drinks $3 drinks you could be say the legal limit 108 you can be appointed 07 and still be charged with a DUI Attorney Phoenix

if the officer believes that you’re driving was impaired and their evidence that impairment so an accident for example or you’re weaving within your lane or outside your lane are you park in the middle of the road anything along those lines and you might wind up getting a DUI even if you are under the legal limit

so if you had a a couple beers at a dinner party in your driving home you know you’re not appoint their way you can’t relax and you can say well I know a minor point to wait on every charged with DUI in Arizona and simply isn’t the case police officer who helped your car look inside the window and the rest are assessing

a lot of things that you may not be considering bloodshot watery eyes odor of alcohol the way in which you’re dressed if you’re too shoveled if you’re sure isn’t talked all those little signals are going to be possibly use against you so the officer sees all right we got a driver here he can’t find his driver’s

license he can’t find his registration you can’t find his insurance is fumbling through his wallet all those little things can wind up being used against you in court of law where r you may be the judge and jury are going to give you the benefit of the doubt maybe they’re going to to use a while the person was just nervous they might say well the back that’s ok

this driver so long to find a driver’s license that evidence that there are impaired by alcohol so you should have driver’s license registration insurance handy and have a police officer the more you say to a police officer the more likely it is officers gonna say I heard slurred speech II hurt someone stuttering or staggering through conversation

sounded like they were impaired and if you do feel like you are impaired by alcohol then really should speak with the officer to slow manner as they like to speak with an attorney there are plenty of attorneys out there that have cards prepare the got a little advice on the back saying I would like to speak with an attorney and

we have them as well that you get one those cards you know keep it in your wallet if you feel like you’re very handed over to the police officer know what you’re saying is I want to speak with an attorney you have the right to speak with an attorney so you get pulled over you have the right to speak

with an attorney and that cannot be used against you so the officer can testify in court well this driver I want to be with attorney so they must be guilty of DUI know you actually have that right can’t be used against you and what it does is that it prevents the police officer from then doing the bills right us and touching noses agent

and test and everything else that police officers do to determine whether or not someone is impaired by alcohol on will talk about in the second video about what he should do once you’re under arrest videos about if you are pulled over what you do you

and I’ll recap quickly pullover not you know in a safe manner by the safe parking spot as quickly as you can watch how you park driver’s license registration and insurance together hand over the police officer avoid long conversations if you feel like you’re impaired ass speak with an attorney immediately  DUI case here in Arizona